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Discussion in 'Proxies' started by devnull, Mar 8, 2013.

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    Since the ipv4 situation has worsened ARIN is allowing and encouraging owners of ip space to lease their unused space.. I've run across some brokers but I get the feeling I need a strong legitimate sounding story before contacting them. I've never owned or leased IP space so I may be a bit naive on what kind of information they're looking for. Apparently people are getting burned by email spammers, so they're looking to make sure you're legit.

    I notice geo-location databases will classify "network speed" on a network.. Most private proxy providers seem to get theirs to show up as DSL or Cable. Do you just have to look for subnets that already show up this way or is it something you can set?

    It looks like the minimum is usually a /21, which would be pretty easy to justify I think by saying its for a VPS hosting company?

    I'd appreciate any wisdom as I'm hoping this is a possibility.
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    You are right, for VPS, dedicated hosting, ssl Arin is giving IPv4 space, you will have to complete a lot of paperwork, you have to be a Company to be able to ask for ips space ...
    geo locations are not so accurate, and yes you can set your geo location if you contact the geo locations websites ...
    If you already own a hosting company you can ask for IPv4 IPs space directly from ARIN, if not you can try a dedicated server and ask the provider about IPs you should be able to get /24 without any problems ...