Buying Facebook likes, is there a better way?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by tripwyre, Jun 16, 2013.

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    Hi All,

    I'm just starting out with IM and have so much to learn. I've started a rather basic info site with Amazon affiliate links to some products, an Amazon store, and adsense. I've started a Facebook page and thought I would pay for some legitimate likes. I just started the campaign at 5.00 a day. So far here are the results:

    • New Likes
    • Impressions
    • Total Spent
    • Daily Budget


    So as I see it, I have a CTR of .15% and it's cost me just about $1 per like since I have 8. I'm not sure if this is really worth it. I know it's only been 2 days but I wanted to get the forum's feedback on whether running these Facebook ads would lead to traffic to my site or should I allocate my budget to other methods of legit traffic.

    I also wanted to say that I started off with absolutely no knowledge of IM, web design, or really anything. I learned it all from this forum and appreciate everyone's posts and willingness to help others.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Set auto CPM bidding, try to choose better picture to maximize CTR, post something people will like to increase viral effect, split test, lower budget during first few days and avoid sponsored stories.

    My stats today (first day running campaign, targeted groups USA, female)
    - Page Likes: 45
    - Ad reach: 2.008
    - CTR: 1.863%
    - Optimized CPM: 0,58 $
    - Total spent: 1,85 $
    - Cost per like: 0,04 $

    and 0,61 $ for a single like on sponsored story.
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    I can give you some tips.
    When you are advertising on facebook, remember that people aren?t going there to buy, they are going to socialize. With this in mind, don?t be surprised that your click through rates are lower (below 1% in many cases).

    Try and find a way to incorporate images of young women. These tend to convert the best.
    When selecting your targeting, don?t forget to choose people who are interested in whatever it is you are selling. Do some research here as well because FB allows you to choose demographical information like age range.
    Make sure you target appropriate countries for your campaign.
    Utilize promoted posts so that you can reach people besides your fans.
    Make sure you write creative and intriguing ad copy. You only have about 90 characters to play with so use it wisely.
    Rotate your images and ads on a regular basis to keep them fresh. Do this because it is likely that the same people are seeing your ad and if they haven?t clicked yet, they definitely won?t if the ad doesn?t change.

    There are some other tips in this post,

    Hope that helps,

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    I am guessing if you really wanna just "buy" the likes, you can just pay $5 to those fiverr ppl who could give you like 1000 likes per order. Although I do need to warn you that, for some cases, the likes will suddenly disappear after a month. Always look for those sellers with high ratings, their likes are less likely to disappear.
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    If you want to build a real audience and targetted, fiverr is not the way. For my small facebook campaign with 5$ we reached an average of 20 likes per page. Our goal wasn't to focus on the likes but to gather new traffic in the main site, i've optimized the campaign for cpc.
    Number of unique clicks around 90 and 47% of the traffic kept coming back. The thing is to make sure you have something they need or something new (a nice char, an answer to a problem, etc).
    Establish your goals and try to reach them, also optimize either for cpc/cpm and do split testing to see what works the best for you.
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    Thanks guys, I changed some of the demographics around and optimized for CPC. I will post up once the ad starts running.
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    People selling more quantity for a fiverr are likely to have more reviews and sales.

    One basic thing is, either sacrifice the quality or sacrifice the quantity :)

    You can never expect quality stuff in competitive fiverr market. Until and unless you are very well known there :)
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    Make fake accounts with girl pics 20+ pictures of them, same account.

    1. Firstly turn on "follow" on your account.
    2. Go to "add me" pages gain a couple of thousand friends.
    3. Scrape 100+ videos like the "henry hoover sniffing fake cocaine".
    4. Post 3-4 vids a day Put something like "OMG this is hilarious" people will like and share, you will gain followers and friend requests.
    5. when you get to 4,800 friends stop accepting.
    6. When you get to 5,000 friends/requests people who try to send a request will be made to follow you.
    7. keep uploading funny videos untill you get to 10,000+ followers
    8.Rinse and repeat.
    9. Use AMF and YLH on your fanpage post to draw more attention.
    10. Use the accounts with followers to share your posts.
    11. Get a massive steam of traffic.
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    Honestly I would sacrifice the quantity, not the quality, but is your choise :)