Buying an account from someone, precautions?

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    Hello BHW friends,

    I'm in need of help, like many others here we are just selling on eBay to make a little money to help ourselves, i've been selling an item for the past few months well, however today i believe i got banned forever, basically heaps of buyers opened INR cases, because my supplier said he will send it before he go on holiday but he didn't. First email i get from eBay i got suspended until i can give them proof of shipping, i told them and they haven't replied yet but today next day i get email saying i can't sell 'anymore' i assume this is permanent ban. Its an aged account with good history just the first time something like this and now banned forever without chance to appeal.

    Obviously i need money so i am wanting to buy my friends account, i've been reading the processes here and its a little complicated. His account is aged and is good standing, do they just change the email to mine and add my PayPal? I won't buy on this account so my address, name and phone number i think i can just use a family members one, this is fine and i won't need to prove anything down the road when i sell more right? Currently my friend makes much less than what i will make on this account and i want to get started ASAP.

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