Buying a Telegram channel (how to audit?)


Jul 27, 2021
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Hi everyone

I want to buy a Telegram channel for the first time. I have found a good one for my niche, but I have some concerns.There's no audit service that I know of, so it isn't clear how to evaluate (basic google search didn't return much too).
I appreciate any help/advice or redirection to a previous discussion you can give.

1. The channel is created a few months ago and has few posts, they are relevant but too basic (just a couple lines of text). It does contain the owner's affiliate link to the relevant niche product.
2. Views to subs ratio is 4.5%. Seems low and leads to believe most are bots. 13K subs. What's a normal ratio?
3. Views grow daily, but subs don't. Understandable since the channel is essentially empty - no use to subscribe, but also hints at autoviews.
4. The owner also has another channel which he sells (I discovered accidentally, he didn't tell) which looks more legit. But views/subs us low as well.
5. What is a reasonable price for such a channel? (13K subs, 4.5% engagement, no content, very niche channel)

MOST important: the seller suggested an escrow he knows. Seemed fine until I asked how the deal goes. Instead of holding the money he suggests holding the channel's details until the seller confirms money transfer. That set off my alarm. The escrow sells TG channels on the regular and says it's normal practice. Is it though? (2 people knowing the login details doesn't seem normal to me at all with no way to claim money back)
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