Buy Wholesale From Ebay Store?

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    Hey guys, i'm new to wholesaling and was looking to get some responses to my question. My current plan is to order small gadgets wholesale and then turn around and sell them on CL.
    Now, i've found some chinese gadget websites that sell wholesale; however, the cheapest price I found on some of the same products was an ebay store. Is it a problem to just order multiple units from this ebay store? I'm talking much cheaper too.
    A digital thermometer from one of the chinese sites was 4.61 shipped, the ebay store has it for 1.85 shipped. Also, is there anything I need to look out for/consider for buying from an ebay store. I know these guys are just probably ordering tons of units to get these type of prices.

    Thanks in advance for responses
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    Jun 4, 2010
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    I think this will work, if you buy cheap from eBay and resell it on CL for a higher price ... Is the seller on eBay also from China? Then you should order first one sample in order to see how long it takes until you receive it, because most of these sellers ship by airmail which will take 1-2 weeks ....