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    I just received the Hosterbox newsletter and they just unveiled their DOUBLE TERM coupon, pretty much any web hosting term you purchase gets doubled.

    If you order 1 month of hosting you get a additional month for free, if you purchase 6 months of hosting you get another 6 months free, if you buy 1 year you get another 1 year free etc. They are essentially giving you double the contract term for free!

    The promotion applies to all their shared hosting plans and once you place your order just open a support ticket and ask them to apply the DOUBLE TERM discount to your account.

    I currently use Hosterbox and they have been great, with probably the best customer support I have ever experienced, luckily I needed a new account for a club website I am working on so I purchased the semi-annual term Business plan and I got a additional 6 months added onto my account for free. If you want to place an order I would appreciate it if you would use my affiliate link just PM me for it.

    Here is the link to the Hosterbox plan page (Not affiliate link):

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