Business with multiple categories. Can you submit to same directory twice?

Discussion in 'Local SEO' started by coolsheet, Dec 1, 2014.

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    So I have got a client that has 17 dry cleaning locations. Most are in one city and a few scattered amongst the outer-lying suburbs. The thing is they want to get noticed for the carpet cleaning they do. I scraped their citations in Whitespark and noticed that most of the citations are in fact for dry cleaning.

    They have around 22 citations for "carpet cleaning".

    They're not getting noticed on yelp for carpet cleaning for example, but are for "dry cleaning". They have separate profiles for all 17 locations. Is there a way to include more categories on the current submissions? Surely there are more businesses that fit into multiple categories. How do they deal with this?

    Just optimize content? Maps citations? Optimize the descriptions more for the KW wanting to get noticed for? I am wondering if you can submit to the same directory twice for the same business if it's listed in a different category. I assume it would probably confuse Google.

    I've already started them with a strategy to get more reviews out of their carpet cleaning customers.

    Outside of what I said, this is really a first to deal with companies wanting to stay noticed for one category and add on another to the same business.

    Any advice would be much appreciated.
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    Optimizing the content of the citations to rank for the keywords you're targeting is really the only way you can do it. There's more and more directories that are moving to only allowing companies to choose a single category. Remember, there's a ton of people that spam those directories with fake business names and phone numbers that just forward to the same place. They'll list tons of businesses in the same and different categories just to increase the chances of getting a call. If they didn't have strict limitations, you'd see even more of this going on and it would make life even hard for your client.
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    There are a couple of ways to go about this.

    Personally, I would make a website for their carpet cleaning service, and treat that like a separate division of the company.

    Treat is essentially as its own entity, and build citations to it as normal.

    Build citations to this site using the same addresses but with a suite/department number, (Google will consider this a separate address), and a separate phone number. Call the "company" for this site the same as your other site except with carpet cleaning, instead of "Coyote Bills Dry Cleaning", call it "Coyote Bills Carpet Cleaning"

    This will give you non duplicate nap for the new site.

    Its been my experience that split focus carpet cleaning sites are really hard to rank.