Business twitter or regular twitter?

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    I set up my first real website a few days ago (actually had one before this but never really took action with it), and now I'd like to set up some social media accounts to promote it. It's a review website that I plan to use with amazon affiliate links. I've noticed that there is a place to sign up for business twitter accounts. Should I make a business account or a regular account? Is there anything special I should do for setting up a facebook or google+? I made the top post on a subreddit with 10k readers today and I'm getting a pretty good flow of traffic from it!

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    For twitter, there isn't really a true difference between the business and personal accounts. The Twitter for Business at is for advertising and is a paid platform. I would just set up an account like you would normally except use company name instead of personal info.

    For Facebook you will most likely set up either a local business page or a corporate/organizational page. Don't set your company up as a personal profile as you run the risk of getting the account deleted. Also, if you set it up in this way, people will not be able to like your page but will have to friend it.

    For Google Plus, you will want to set up a business page as well although for both Facebook and Google Plus business pages, you must have a personal profile attached to them.

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