Business Structure - Need Advice for Commission Only Style

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    Hey guys,

    I am after some advice here, hopefully you can provide some insight.

    Bit of background information; I am starting up a small copy writing firm and graphic design firm (specifically for newsletter publications etc.) and I would like clients to pay on a revenue generated basis. e.g. They only pay me for revenue generated by my ad (hypothetically 5% of total revenue crated by my ad.)

    How would the best way go to track this? Offline? Online tracking is easy these days, offline not so sure...hmmm?
    Should i factor in how honest the business owner will be with me? To factor in he might fudge the figures a bit in order to pay me less.

    As I'm venturing out on my own, I would rather have a "put my money where my mouth" is guarantee, as this will also help to reduce any the purchase threshold when people visit my site or call for a free consultation. However, I am still having some difficulty tracking the conversions offline.