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    Hi guys,

    I'm wondering what are the prospects of having dedicated article team, that'll get good articles at near standards rates, basically I'm at a location I can get good rates and manage the people. (i.e. 3rd world country :D)

    I'm a Bachelors (Hon.s) graduate and at a management position in a firm, so you wont spend time trying to figure things out and avoid the headache, you spend time doing what you do, you get the content in a shape you simply just copy/paste and be done with it. You dont need to fix stuff and run around people trying to manage the., I have experience of managing several teams at my work. (I can send you my credentials if you're more interested), as for my SEO xp, I have a site ranked #2 on google, yahoo and bing (damn that wikipedia) so I suppose I know a thing or two about SEO :)

    I'm wondering what sort of partnership/prospects are out there, is anyone interested in such a setup? We can discuss the intricate details later on (Pricing / Manual SEO in addition to just article writing), depending upon the demand I could set things up easily.

    Basically --> You tell me how many articles you're going to be needing over say next 3 months --> I setup stuff accordingly and manage a team that's just dedicated to churning out quality volume for you at the time you need, not like we take orders and disappear. I work just for you and I get people to work for me. -->

    Hence what you get in the end are all the original articles you want, you simply copy/paste and be done with it. All keywords optimized etc. No extra headache. Peace of mind for near-standard rates.

    If you're interested, pm me :)
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    It is going to be hard for me to PM you due to my number of posts but you can send me your more details about yourself by PM.