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    Let?s talk about honesty: because it?s dying. That sounds melodramatic, I know, but let?s explore the concept for a moment. First of all, you should know that the kind of honesty I?m talking about has nothing to do with telling everyone about everything you know. That?s called ?stupidity?. Because let?s face it, to survive in this cruel world, we all have to lie. No, the kind of honesty I?m talking about is simple: when you say something, you?d better [effing] mean it. In business, honesty is essential in dealing with your co-workers. Otherwise, you get branded as an incompetent, or even worse, a traitor. In the online world?that complex abyss that most are aware of, but few actually comprehend?no one has time for a traitor. Just ask the Japanese: since time immemorial, the Japanese have been known for their impeccable work ethic. Also, up until the 19th century, the Japanese culture dictated that a traitor who had brought shame and dishonor upon their business or family should commit Seppuku, a ritualistic self-disembowelment. Gnarly, but it still makes you reconsider the value of the dude who just ruined your business plan for the next two years?

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