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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by OpenlyStraight, Oct 22, 2013.

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    A client of mine is having an issue with two threads on Ripoff Report. Hypothetically, his company name is "Eagle Trader" (name changed...using it for the sake of the example). When someone Google's "Eagle Trader", the first 5 results are his company - Facebook profile, 2 company site links, YouTube channel, LinkedIn profile. The next 2 links are posts on RipoffReport, which I'm told can be difficult to bury. He called me and told me that he wants those posts buried using 'any means necessary'. One suggestion I picked up from a couple sources is to create a few new sites like "Eagle Trader Realty" - variations of the keyword phrase, and try to rank those on the front page. There isn't much competition for his exact match keywords. So in piecing together the proposal, I will include the cost of creating 2-3 'dummy sites' and optimizing them, both initially then on an ongoing basis. I'll setup dummy facebook pages and twitter accounts and outsource the maintenance of those accounts. I've also read that I should find 'positive review' sites with high pagerank. Any thoughts on this? I'm planning on trying out some services such as Layered Links, but I'm open to other suggestions. This will be a nice experiment to try some black hat strategies and see what's working, because in the past I've focused exclusively on white hat tactics.

    How would you approach this problem? What strategies would you recommend and what resources would you recommend I look into? Has anyone successfully buried a RipOff report post before?

    I greatly appreciate any help. Feel free to PM me.
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    Yes, start making few feeder sites for your client like appreciating their services or general info about their service. Also try other social media platforms like Pinterest etc and add on some Slideshare.com PDF which can rank higher easily. This will bury the rip off report since they are just ranking on the basis of authority. So build some links to your feeder sites/links and it will be pushed to page 2