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    Is there such a thing as this?

    Stealth accounts can only get you so far, and Paypal is making it tough to get by unnoticed. I know that it's possible to create new accounts with "virgin" information that is both valid and verifiable, but is that even enough?

    How is it that some people run hundreds of thousands of dollars through Paypal without flinching, but others get stopped just for making ten? Do these high volume Paypal pushers have an insider on payroll or something?

    I know you need to keep a low profile with them, meaning no spikes in payments or withdrawals, and a near non-existent chargeback ratio. But, I've read about people who were shut down even though their accounts were spotless, and it makes no sense to me.

    Anyone who can shed some light on the whole Paypal ordeal, please share your thoughts.

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    "But, I've read about people who were shut down even though their accounts were spotless, and it makes no sense to me."

    Hah.. That's the PayPal stuff... :) There is a rule that they can terminate business with the client without any explanations.. If you have left much money in account, and you are from uk/usa, and you believe that paypal just fucked up without any reason, open a case against them, just be ready to spend money for lawyers, coz Paypal have good power. 1-5 lawyers in the court room all the time even the case is about 'small account limitation :)" << talking from experience.

    What about bulletproof paypal accounts... Maybe, if you're working at Paypal...

    For example i've got one account limited ( that was my own ) for no reason, i talked on the phone with supervisor for more than 15min+ and guess what they said.. YOU DID NOTHING WRONG, YOU EVEN MAKE MORE THAN 15K$ PROFIT FOR US, BUT IF WE MADE DECISION THAT YOUR ACCOUNT HAS TO BE LIMITED, ITS A FINAL ONE.

    And he also talked about marketing stuff ( I had many payments from WF WSOs ) so they werent happy about that, with no explanation.

    Anyway, i have one open case against them, and still looking for luck to get back my account.

    Good luck :)
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    There is really no such thing as a bulletproof Paypal account. Most of the account limitations come down to one of two things (or both)

    First is the type of product you are selling. They are getting really skittish when it comes to the whole make money from home, make money online niche. Actually a lot of other processors are as well so it is not just them. The next thing they are coming down on is items where there is a lot of counterfeit goods being sold. It really does not matter that much to them whether or not what you are selling is counterfeit or not but if you are selling a "high risk product" they just do not want any part of it.

    The second thing is as you mentioned sales velocity. If you have an account that is running a few hundred dollars a month and all of a sudden you have a large influx of sales that is going to raise a red flag. This is especially true if your account is fairly new.