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    I'm trying to step up my mailing to the next level. I currently mail from about 40 different vps providers, but I'm having issues getting the providers to setup rdns. I need rdns so I can configure feedback loops for all my ip's plus inbox webmail where rdns is required.

    I was looking to see if any bhwers were mailing from dedicated machines with larger blocks of ip's. My mailing is pretty solid when rdns is setup and bounces are processed and my ip's keep decent sender scores (60-90) from return path. My issue is trying to get a larger amount of ip's + rdns + not getting suspended constantly.

    So if you bulk mail from a dedicated machine and you are sending with large blocks of ip's without being suspended, don't be shy, I'd love to talk to you. I'm not looking for a handout or JV, just some advice on a transition from vps mailing to dedicated mailing.