Bulk mail question: how to avoid getting blacklisted

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    Hey guys!
    This might be a novice question, but I need to ask it for precaution: how to mail a small number of leads from my own domain and avoid getting blacklisted.
    I'm setting up a campaign, and I have 84 contacts to invite to an event. The mail I will be sending is a personalised script which invites users to my new domain (~2 weeks old), where they see a presentation and can send a message. It is important to send the message roughly at the same time (~2-3 hours).
    Do you think I will get blacklisted? Should I consider investing in a dedicated email service?
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    what? I gotta have a job?
    BHW - Where else?
    Professional emailers please chime in but here are my thoughts.

    I think that number is too small to trigger flags unless people mark the message as spam. You might personalize the subject line for each if possible, even just adding the persons name might help.

    Keep the links in the email to a minimum - 2 at most, I would go with one link at the end of a short email.

    Otherwise, you can use: http://info.contactology.com/check-mqs to get a message spam quality score, just to be considered as an indicator.

    Phillip aka thedorf

    P.S. And don't forget the postscript (like this sentence) is the third most read item in an email or thread post - start using them if you don't already!
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    Evropa bro
    Hi, for this small amount you don't need VPS/dedi so you can pick between desktop option or web based one using your own hosting capabilities.

    Desktop - MaxBulkMailer Pro, SendBlaster, or you can just use Thunderbird or Outlook.
    Web based- Javelin or Wysija, those are WP plugins. You can use other PHP scripts but they might require some tweaking.

    Just search the web for cracked version of MaxBulkMailer and send away, and you will be fine.
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