Bulk Google Sites


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Apr 9, 2020

I am looking for a tool which can use GMAIL PVAs + Proxies to create Google Sites and upload content to it, automatic/bulk, f. ex. 100 PVAs = 100 google sites.

There seems to be no tool around, even though there are nearly 50 million results on site:sites.google.com - I have checked GSA/Senuke etc. they do not offer this.
Or generally, maybe account creator for blogspot.com/wordpress.com etc.? I know 10 years ago this was a big thing and many creators available.
Peter Drew has a software that creates bulk Blogspots and G Sites.

I took a look at it and at first it looks nice but unfortunately it doesnt support proxies. This would result in accounts getting not registered and banned (imagine logging in to 100 gmail accs with same IP).
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