building on an infringing domain name

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    Last year I had a domain that had a brand name in it disputed and taken away from me. Godaddy had that domain on suspension through the dispute process which took several weeks.

    I also own several domains with the word "facebook" in it, most I acquired all through Godaddy auctions and I am really keen on using them and actually building them with good content and SEO. But it is scary thinking it could all go just when a facebook lawyer files a complaint.

    Originally I had thought insidefacebook and allfacebook was fine so I would put down a notice in the bottom and be fine, but I am having second thoughts now.

    My question is, do you know a registrar that wouldn't suspend my domain right away if/when facebook files a complaint? I would at least like to be able to redirect google to new locations of indexed content or something before it is all gone.

    I would advise someone else to just start with a secure domain but, darn, I am really liking the ones I have at hand (one is a great kw for my line of business.)