Building networks


Mar 15, 2010
Dear esteemed blackhatters,

Hope life is good for you, I just got a quick question, well two actually.

- How to create a good network of sites ? Also what is the best method of interlinking those sites?

- How to make it so an existing network will be wholesome in the eyes of Google?

Ok, technically it were three questions. :D

Have a good day.
I wouldn't focus on a network for all of your sites. I suggest thinking more along the lines of cells. Don't interlink everything you have, that's just a bad idea.
So make it into small groups? I got right now groups of 20 split into two of ten. Then what is the best way to give them content, something along the lines of WP-Robot ? What about generating auto backlinks, something along Xrumer/SeoNuke?

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