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Building Landing Pages with JavaScript SPA Frameworks (e.g. Angular or Ember)

Discussion in 'General Programming Chat' started by thadudeabides, Sep 10, 2015.

  1. thadudeabides

    thadudeabides Newbie

    Sep 6, 2015
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    Does anyone have experience building their AM landing pages with single page app frameworks like Ember/Angular/React or any of the other Javascript SPA frameworks? I'm wondering if there will be some integration headaches I'm not foreseeing with getting tools like Voluum/Prosper202 and some of the other tracking tools to work for websites that don't follow traditional routing/navigation/rendering concepts like you'd have with server rendered markup websites.

    I've built several web apps with Javascript SPA frameworks and getting SEO, sitemaps, and Google Analytics set up is pretty negligible but I'm not sure if any of the other tracking tools or AM necessities are configured to work with SPAs (and I can't find anything particular in their documentation).