Building Backlinks to a Future Domain?


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Feb 12, 2009
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I have just aquired 4 domains with exact keyword for a product that I will be launching in 3 months time.

Is it worth building backlinks to the domains now before there is any content on the websites? Will this benefit me when I come to launch the product?
Funny how you ask this because I am actually doing this currently.

I figured I might as well experiment building links to domains not used yet.

Worst case scenario you lose a domain or two, but you learn a valuable lesson.
I don't think it will do any harm but I can't afford to lose these domains since they cost me a fair amount of money and they are needed for a legitimate offline product. The keywords are the exact product name.

How about I put an autoblog on the sites relevant to my keywords and get that to rank then just upload the new website for the product once I have the content. I don't want anyone to know what the product is yet since it is in development and I will be first to market.
No the backlinks WILL help. Just park it until content is ready and build as many backlinks as you want. How many parked domains do we find ranking at Google? Many so it doesnt hurt, on the contrary. :)
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Good advice youssef93.

I have already built an auto-blog anyway so big G has something to look at.

Link building starts today!
Yeah, do it. Just take it easy on how many autoblog pages you create...
It better if you start doing the backlinks when you are ready to launch it..
That would be a good idea.. i guess.. and that is base on my experience...
I read a tutorial for new registered domains: redirect them to a authority site, even if it's a competitor, build backlinks to your domain, meanwhile build your site off-line and after a couple of months upload your site, remove redirect and high google traffic should come almost instantly
it was written from a seo expert working for large casino/gambling companies, this tecnique claims to use google cache
sincerely never tested on my sites
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