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Building an affiliate program for my client and looking for some imput

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by llewopsnimajneb, Mar 25, 2014.

  1. llewopsnimajneb

    llewopsnimajneb Regular Member

    Jan 10, 2011
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    SEO, Affiliate marketer, Online marketing lecturer
    Hi to everyone!

    I have a client that supplies high end villas for holiday rent throughout Thailand and its islands. It's a n excellent product and we're looking at doing an 6% commission per sale (this may change though) (average sale is $2500 usd). They are in a great position at the moment with around a 3% conversion across the board (40,000 visits PM, across multiple language sites) and that is up from when I first started working this client.

    aaannnyyway, What I am looking for is a little bit of input on how I can deliver the best possible program and support for the power affiliates out there. So, if you could get the perfect support from your provider, what would that look like?

    We will be building on the Idevaffilate platform, with a large range of banners and collateral for you to choose from, we will also be supplying raw collateral if you want to make your own banners (with some style guides as well of course)

    I guess what are your thoughts on
    Payment terms
    Cookie duration
    Marketing terms and conditions
    Updates and information for specials, new collateral and so on (on that, what would you like to have regularly, apart from payments of course) and how often would you want to hear from your affiliate manager?

    Also, how do you mostly find out about programs, say I build one that is truly awesome, how do you suggest that I market it? Run ads, troll forums looking for power users?

    Do affiliate managers reach out to you and ask you to join their program, if that happened, what is the sort of thing that you are looking for?

    What sort of information would you look for on the clients website when evaluating whether to join or not?

    I have personally worked on affiliates before, and I know what I would want, however shoe is on the other foot now so I am looking to the wider community for some assistance.

    I cant really push the client site yet as we are still locking down some agreements, however we are looking to launch in about 3 months, and I will certainly be doing a BHW special offer for early signups to the program.

    I appreciate all your help and assistance on this as I want to make a really killer platform for the guys out there!

  2. Rockonaut

    Rockonaut Registered Member

    Feb 14, 2014
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    I think the commission is fair, but with these big amounts of money I would manually review the refers and sales., before paying them out