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    Recently, I've niched myself as a Men's Copywriter (TM). Ever since doing so, I've attracted a lot of clients who need help marketing their adult websites. What I've noticed about these independent business owners, as opposed to independent business owners of other niches, is that they have a lot of money to toss at advertisements and sales copy. This got me thinking...

    "Since I already have experience marketing adult sites, why don't I create my own?"

    The problem is, I have no idea where to start. Google searches come up with poorly reviewed books on the topic, such as the one here:

    But I'd like to see something like a forum where adult website owners talk about their process. Or perhaps a success story.

    Any leads?
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    There's which is a forum devoted to adult webmasters. The overall knowledge of SEO and IM is considerably lower than this forum though, but it's very good for seeing which affiliates are paying well at a particular time and general insider knowledge.

    I've been in the adult game about a month or so now and I tend to ask my affiliate questions at gfy and my SEO questions here. In all honesty in my minimal experience there is little difference between adult IM and regular IM. Unique content and high PR backlinks are the way to go! Traffic can be gathered in a few other ways, such as uploading watermarked vids. It is a highly saturated area though and people aren't willing to pay money for porn these days, so you need to find a good niche with targetted ads!

    I would love to see an adult subforum on bhw, I had a quick search and it appears there was one a year ago, but it got disbanded as a result of too much spam :(
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    This is my secret, once you have your website live, go to other websites and click on their content. Find out who is sponsoring the content, and normally you can find affiliate links. Register to anything you can get a hold of, there are thousands. Flood your site with the content they provide, which if you hav photo editor software and some sort of movie maker software you can make promo video, ads, gifs, or what have you. Begin posting your site at the same places you found your resource. My website will be llive on Saturday, September 17. I will have a section for getting others the opportunity to do the same.