Building a PBN? Use these Domain Stats & Tips For Better Results.

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    I've made several small (15-60 domains) PBNs for personal use and doing quite well. Thought of sharing what The Practices that have worked best for me.

    • DA 25+
    • Age 2+ Years
    • TF 15+
    • PR 3 and more (make sure PR is valid)
    • Domain must be indexed in Google
    • Use Majestic SEO To Check Backlink profile: Make sure they're not spammed also check their anchors.
    • Ahrefs - check their link velocity - if they have been losing backlinks rapidly - if so they'll be worthless in 2-3 months
    • Link profile doesnt need to be niche relevant, but Make your PBN niche relevant using the content you publish on them.

    Most important Things people Miss about PBNs -
    1. Make several websites around kws you are targeting, so You can use your 1 PBN for ranking all your sites. Some sites will rank better than others, the ones that rank lower can further be used to provide link to the ones doing better.
    2. Don't put links on every page of PBN, vary the content length on each page say sometimes 700 words, other pages 300-400 words. Add links to reputed sites like moz, google support etc, or other reputed sites in your niche, Add Images and Videos in some posts. Mix it up so they look Real!
    3. Maintain your PBN: Else they will lose their power. You can do this by adding hi pr, Low OBL manual comments, 5-10 comments per site is enough. I target guru blogs for this, they love free relevant comments.
    4. Dont link same sites on Every domain on your PBN, do it randomly. (I've bought some pages on SEO link building sections and I've seen MOST PBN sellers doing same MISTAKE - Suppose They have 100 Blogs in their PBN, & their biggest package is 100 posts, so what happens is they post same clients on all 100 blogs and this creates a Massive footprint. This is the reason why I dont buy from Sellers anymore.)

    What This Post Will Not Cover -

    • Finding Domains for PBN - Read Nick Flame's Excellent Post on That (google that or use search function - I cant add links yet)

    • Cheap Hosting For PBN (google seohamster affordable cheap pbn hosting - Not my blog - I cant add links yet)