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  1. Wassup guys... I don't share much on here but decided to share something common for the average marketers, but may help newbies out.

    So making money online is always a real big topic and newbies don't know were to start. This guide is for you.

    So you want to make money off a product and you will probably spam and use a shortened url to get profits.... NO NO NO..... Dont do that. #1 you have to buy a domain. If you are too cheap to do that, leave this thread its not for you.

    So a shortened URL might bring a few sales, but why not have a landing page to collect emails and redirect them to the offer if they exit.... Same thing as using a hortened link which will redirect them to the raw offer, but have the chance also if they opt in to put them into a 5-7 day email autorespomder. Sounds awesome right?

    #1 Have a domain and hosting.
    #2 Search online or buy WP Profit builder.
    #3 search or buy Interspire Email Marketer.
    #4 After you set up your landing page and at least a 3 day auto responber, look for targets.

    Whatever niche you are in study your audience. Find out everything... Narrow it down to their core desire. Somebody wants to make money online. Do you promote "Make $10,000 a week doing nothing. NO. You want to say "Get outof the 9 to 5 grind with a $5k a month proven system". bad example but you can do better.

    Give something away in your niche for free. Heres a screen shot of me a giving away a free bot f


    145 subs in 2 weeks barely trying. I made a youtube video and stuffed my keywords in it.


    It works. any niche. Give qhulity and earn

    I konw its short but this works.

    Try it
  2. I;m really tired... I can go into more detail tommorow
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    May 10, 2017
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    Nice one