Building a Computer / Home Network for IM & SEO, and some extras

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    Hello fellow members!

    I will be building my own PC for use in my home with the express purpose of carrying out the following tasks:
    1) Running simultaneous SEO/IM software (including Advanced Web Ranking[AWR], Article Marketing Robot[AMR], ScrapeBox[SB], proxy scraping software[i.e. Proxy Multiply/SB], etc.)
    2) Recording live audio through a digital audio interface (I have an Avid Mbox, but I plan to upgrade to a full 16 channel interface some time in the future, so I'm building with that in mind)
    3) Playing DIABLO III!!!! I'm not a big gamer, but I've been eagerly awaiting this game for essentially a decade.

    I have two chief concerns regarding this PC's constitution and functionality:
    1) Network - what do I need to have maximum bandwidth availability for heavy IM/SEO lifting when it's needed, while still having decent WiFi available for mobile devices in my home. Also, will it be possible for me to run SEO software in the background and play Diablo 3 at the same time?
    2) Hardware - what sort of processing power and electrical supply is necessary to run a PC that's as powerful as what I plan to build?

    So with those concerns in mind, let me outline what I'm planning on building at this time:
    CPU - Intel i7 2600K (probably more than I need, but I would rather have that and avoid the need to overclock/overheat the CPU)
    Motherboard - Dunno yet, this is dependent on what other gear I go with
    RAM - 2x 8GB sticks for 16GB total RAM. I see a lot of cases have 4 RAM slots available, so is it possible for me to only use two of the available slots? Or do I have to fill them all to create a complete circuit?
    Boot Hard Drive - Obviously SSD, but I don't know what the hell SATA II/III means. Also, how many GBs are necessary to quickly boot all the software I will need at any moment (keep in mind I will have 10+ SEO/IM programs, 2+ DAWs [Digital Audio Workstations i.e. Pro Tools], and general software like Microsoft Word, web browser, Diablo 3, music player, photoshop, registry cleaners, etc. etc.)
    Work Hard Drive - I'd like to get 10K RPM :D but is it really necessary? Will 7200 RPM do just fine? What other specs are worth considering?
    Case - I see lots have 4 RAM slots, as I mentioned before. Do I need to fill all 4 slots with cards or can I only use 2/4 slots with 2x 8GB cards? Also, I see lots of cases have ample room for extra hard drives (great for backup/RAID) but I want to be sure I have ample room for cooling and other cards (i.e. Audio, Video, Ethernet, etc.) How much is needed and how much should I expect to pay?
    Cooling system - Fans are obviously a must, but how many? In what locations? What about a CPU cooler? Is that really necessary?
    Video Card - I'm going with the AMD Radeon HD 6870, no doubt. It will handle Diablo III flawlessly, and there's really nothing else I need it for aside from watching the occasional movie.
    Audio Card - No idea what I need, but I want something uber powerful here. I've heard that my audio interface (the Mbox) will suffice as its own "sound card" but I doubt this is a good idea, using an external interface for more than live audio I/O when recording or editing. What about when I want to just listen to music or watch a movie? Or play a game?!
    Optical drive - An LG DVD Burner has been recommended to me, but I'm not sure I would even use this. Obviously I need a CD/DVD drive to read installation discs, and maybe burn a CD or two, but not sure if I really need to ever burn DVDs... Maybe I'm just out of the loop and DVD burners are pretty much the status quo these days.

    Other - I may have forgotten a component, but this is the general build covered. Any suggestions? Can I clarify any points to help you in answering my questions?

    Again, my chief concern is the hardware needed versus the hardware I would like to invest in as high-end stuff for longevity and future use. Also networking associated with gaming and SEO/IM software.

    Let me know! And thanks for reading!