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Build Online Store – A complete start to end solution

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by SEOAudit, Jul 13, 2015.

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    Oct 8, 2014
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    With the continues expansion in technology in recent years has lead many changes in the world providing people a better standard of life for them and their belongings. Ecommerce business is one of the changes which has seen all around the globe providing people an online platform for buying or selling products easily all the globe. Ecommerce business in the recent years has strengthened his roots all over the world. Ecommerce business has provide business owners with a golden opportunity to earn online by auctioning their products online over the virtual world, which has resulted in the growth of number of ecommerce website, ecommerce stores or online stores per year. One of the major reasons for growing ecommerce business is that people are nowadays preferred online shopping over the traditional shopping method i.e. going to shops for buying products which is very time taking where as online shopping takes less time.
    Building an online store or ecommerce store requires lot of research as one have to study different prospects of building a perfect online store according to requirement. Some of the prospects to be kept in mind in order to build online store are.

    1. What to sell ? One of the most important aspects of build an ecommerce store or online store is what to sell. If one can have the proper idea of what type of products people like to buy online and which product has more demand.
    2. How to sell ? Second, most important aspects of building an online store are how to sell. If one can have the complete idea of how to display products that will attract more online buyers to your online store.
    3. Where to sell ?Where to sell product means that whether you want to sell your products to a country, to a state or globally (all over the world).
    4. Your budget - Another aspect to be kept in mind is how much is your budget, with the advent in ecommerce software there is competition between different ecommerce solution provided to provide an exclusive online store at an affordable cost by engagement with all the exclusive features at design.
    5. Whom to look for in order to build online store ? After research what to sell, how to sell, where to sell and budget, one of the biggest challenge came across who to look in order to build an online store for your business. It also has many prospects like will they build online store website for your business according to your business requirements or if you have the knowledge of designing and development you can do it by yourself.
    6. Marketing Strategy- After building of your online store, one of the major tasks is selling of your products and it requires marketing. Without marketing no one knows about your store and if no one knows about your store, how he/she will purchase from your store. One can have to do different tasks in order to promote his/ her business that it easily reached to more and more people that will in turn result s in more and more selling. Some of the strategies are listed below.

      6.1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ? It is an unpaid service. It is one of the processes for ranking your website in different search engine that will play a major role in gaining more and more visitors. It can be done by two modes i.e. On Page & Off Page Optimization. Off page optimization comprises of different tasks which creates back links for your website and play a major role in ranking of your website. Whereas On page is entirely based upon making your website more attractive that will also play a major in ranking of your website.

      6.2. SMM (Social Media Marketing) ? It is also an unpaid service. In this process, one can advertise and promote his/her business over different social media platforms that will also help to generate traffic for business.

      6.3. SMO (Social Media Optimization) - It is a paid service. In this one can promote his/her business through social media platforms in the form of Facebook Ads, that will promote your business to more peoples and hence, it increases more conversion rate.

      6.4. SEM (Search Engine Marketing) ? It is also a paid service. In this type of marketing one can promote and advertise your business through search engine in the form of Adwords. It helps to bring visitors directly to your website.

      6.5. Email Marketing ? It is the process of marketing, advertising your business via mailing in different emails for direct promotion of your business.

      6.6. Internet Marketing -It is the process of marketing, advertising and promoting your business through internet and its attribute.
    6.7. Affiliate Marketing- It is a process of marketing by selling others products through your website. It helps you to generate some money as well.

    6.8. PPC (Pay per Click) ? It is one of the best way of direct marketing for your business as in PPC we can add banner to other websites, that will generate direct traffic to your business.

    After studying, different prospect of building online store there comes the difficulties came across in order to build online store website for your business. Some of the difficulties are listed below.

    1. Website Name ? Naming of your website is one of the major problems it defines perfectly about your business.
    2. Domain name ? Domain name according to your business name will be easy to search on different search engines.
    3. Developing or designing an online store ? After selecting a perfect domain name for your business another task is to develop and design your ecommerce store or online store.
    4. Hosting ? After designing and developing of an online store the next step is hosting. For hosting one can require a hosting provider that will make your site live over the internet.
    5. Technical Staff ? After hosting your site the task is to upload or display your product for selling for this you require a technical person to do it for you.
    6. Live Support System- Integration of live chat system in your online store for support to your customer that will also create a positive impact on the mind of your customers. You can do it by yourself or you can tell your developer or an ecommerce solution provider at the time of development of your website.
    7. Attractive Designs and Exclusive Features ?It is one of the important parts of an online store or ecommerce store, Integration of exclusive features and attractive designs will attract more and more visitors to shop from your online store.
    8. Logistics System ? One of the important parts of an ecommerce store or online store is logistics system it will deliver your desired product to your drop step. One of the major features for any logistics system is to be trustworthy.
    9. Payment Options ? Online store should have secured and multiple payment options available providing online users to have an easy and simple transactions procedures.
    10. Security- In an online store all your transactions should be online, hence it is the responsibility of the website or business owner to provide a secured system so that all the customers should enjoy a secured and hassle free shopping experience.
    Nowadays, ecommerce platforms or software provide some of the easiest and the most affordable way to build an online store for your business. They have all in one packages i.e. design, themes, features for your online store in an affordable packages. All you have to do is look for such an ecommerce platform that provides you with such features and attributes for building your online store.
    After studying different prospects and difficulties come in the path of build online store website for your business. I will suggest you for an ecommerce platform which will provide your online store with exclusive features, attractive designs and modern technologies at affordable pricing packages.
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    Thanks. Will you be expanding on these topics? It seems like you might be, with ecommerce platforms, but seems like the outline you provide has plenty of room to drill down into more detail.