build/edit an app for me.

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    Dec 18, 2015
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    hello guys,

    ive been here for a few weeks now. i have had this project for about 15months now and nobody has been able to provide me what i am really expecting. those who said they can do it are asking like s**tload of money for that.

    everybody knows the app; candy crush, or similar match 3 apps.

    well i have an idea about the app which i want someone to build or edit for me.

    by that i mean, you can use any existing match3 app source you want (i will reskin it later on)
    but the "candy swiping" should be as fast as candy crush. most clones have those horrible lags when swiping.

    if you have that in hand and you are a developer, please connect to me.
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    Aug 24, 2014
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    Apps like Candy crush or match3 apps not a quick job and it will take time and money for sure. So if you want a good app like these apps, you have to ready with good budget or you can provide source codes of this apps, if you can arrange.We can reskin and make further changes as per your requirements.

    I can help you out but have few quick queries :
    => Provide referral match 3 apps so that I can check all the features properly.
    => Provide list of features that you want to integrate.
    => Would you like to go through re-engineering and cracking APK of existing app? Cracking APK/Re-engineering will not work for such a project.
    => You want it for iOS and Android?

    Join me on Skype for further discussion : Zesttech15