[BUG] Main menus not showing upon initial login.

Discussion in 'Forum Suggestions & Feedback' started by toughtrasher, Jun 18, 2012.

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    Nov 22, 2011
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    Hey, I'm not sure if this is just me but every time I log in, the main menu disappears when I'm redirected to the homepage.
    It says I'm logged in and everything, which I am. But I don't see the main menu with the New Posts Private Messages FAQ Calendar Community Forum Actions Quick Links links and everything on there.

    I've been manually having to go on my BHW profile just so I can see those links, and I really only need it for the Quick Links for my subscribed threads. :)
    Don't know if this has been noted already, did a quick search and found nothing.

    Please fix, been patiently waiting for it to be fixed up for about a month now.
    Thanks :)