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    I have been reading BHW for a few months now but am still very much a noob. I am currently using SB and keep on reading about how you need to blast your buffer site or 2.0 property and not your money site.

    Can someone help a guy out and explain in great detail what a buffer site is, how you should set it up, what works the best as well as a explanation of 2.0 properties.

    I want to do this the right way but can't seem to find a post that will give a how to in great detail.

    Thanks from a noob
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    Check out the threads here about linkwheels.
    Linkwheels are made with web2.0 properties. Most of the time buffersites are made on these properties although throw-away domains can be used as well.

    FYI -> use these threads to understand the concept of buffersites and read the more recent threads if you plan to build a linkwheel.
    A lot has changed since the 1st thread on linkwheels appeared here.
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    The most popular application is to use Web 2.0 properties like WP.com or Squidoo, but you can even use articles, video, etc.

    The main purpose when using buffer sites is to protect your money site while allowing you to be more aggressive in your backlinking.

    Since Web 2.0 properties, article directories, video sites, etc are sites that Google loves and constantly spiders, you can funnel off some of that authority and "google love" to your money site.

    These sites also get countless links thrown at them from all over the web every single day which is why you can get away with being much more aggressive than you could with directly linking to your money site.