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    Hi all

    Hey guys,

    Today I am starting this journey to keep me motivated. I have been setting up this method for about a week and I am finally ready to get started.
    To be clear I will be using BTB's method and adding my own twists along the way as I se fit.

    I am going to do tests with trial offers and free stuff and build from there. I see that theres tons of people trying this method thinking that they would hit a golden ticket within a couple of days. In the end they don't see the results they want so they give up. I'm going to follow this through until I can't possibly do it anymore.... If BTB can continue to scale and now be at over $15k/month then I don't see how I can't get this to $3000/month


    - Find a good converting CPA offer ( trial, sweepstakes NOT: Free iPhone, etc. )
    - Get my first lead with this method
    - Earn $100 a day

    What I have:

    - 1 websites finish and 1 website in progress
    - Writers to write be good sounding lead-ins
    - 4 Facebook accounts
    - My brain


    - Find a decent offer with a good LP (Most likely evergreen niche)
    - Read all the Facebook threads again that are inspiring me. This way I hope to find out some new tips and insight in what I'm doing wrong
    - When the CPA offer is good enough build a new 'newsie' site around the CPA offer
    - Start promoting this offer on Facebook
    - If it converts, scale it up with more websites. If it won't convert, start again and find a new offer

    Problems I currently facing:

    - I already build one site with an offer in mind then decided against that offer because it required a full purchase.
    - Time, I need a way to make things easier. Looking into FB Dominator or Ninja Blaster
    - Deciding which on the networks had the best offer for what I want.

    I try to update as many as possible.