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Dec 2, 2008
Hi, though i'd post up to bounce off others as plan to hit this hard in January.....late to the party but this is an evergreen method :)
Original credit to BassTrackerBoats -

Been running the method for a couple of weeks and results are as below.

data upto yesterday

8 accounts used using massplanner and all 60+ unique clickable image posts with spinned title/text.
533 images posted
around 70 groups
around 5 images per day per account

667 visits to site

65% of traffic and clicks came from 1 group
Top 10 Groups
ctr consistent across groups
Group 1 - 410 (this is a group with only 1900 members)
Group 2 - 39
Group 3 - 38
Group 4 - 34
Group 5 - 16
Group 6 - 13
Group 7 - 12
Group 8 - 10
Group 9 - 10
Group 10 - 8

Top 10 Images
4 out of 5 come from top group, image 3 evenly spread amongst various other groups
Image 1 - 172 -40 clicks to offer
Image 2 - 110- 15 clicks to offer
Image 3 - 104 -8 clicks to offer
Image 4 - 49 -4 clicks to offer
Image 5 - 43 -11 clicks to offer
Image 6 - 30 -2 clicks to offer
Image 7 - 26
Image 8 - 22
Image 9 - 13
Image 10 - 12

667 visits to site
112 click throughs to offer (63 IOS and 34 Android, 14 desktop.......and some poor soul with a windows phone)
16.8% CTR

links on the page in order and how many clicks they have received:-
top banner image for the offer -12
text link at top -1
middle image advert for the offer -9
text link -4
text link to videos -34
text link -15
for more information link -35

Thoughts so far.....
  • very strange that 65% of my traffic comes from one very small group, all real clicks according to prosper and network.
  • currently joining another 150 groups to add to campaigns
  • not enough data to analyse effective images yet
  • most of the clicks through to offer are text links which suggest further information.

fairly happy with the amount of traffic so far for testing, concern is landing page. It is an authority clone site, with a cloned article. Think the problem is the article pre-sells more the theory of the product instead of the actual product itself, and why they should buy it instead of researching further.....need better calls to action and why they need this product.

Will work next few days on re-doing the landing page, and also look at some other offers in similar niche that can apply to same fb groups to which the accounts already members.
few examples of lead in posts...alll spun and manually checked. had 10 different lead ins....

  • Hi, saw on authority site about xxxxx and wondered if anybody had any experience they would like to share. It sounds like a good xxxxxx for fast results
  • Hi everyone, i have been searching for a quick xxxxx for maximum benefits (aren't we all?). authority site had a video from xxxxxx about xxxx. Thinking about trying it. Any advice from someone who has tried it?
  • Hi, i've tried various xxxxx but always seem to xxxxx. I've been searching around for ages for something to help xxxxxxxxx :) A few people have suggested xxxxxxx, but would like to get opinions from anyone who might have tried it in the past? Any advice would be very much appreciated. Thank you x
  • xxxxx seems to be big new these days, is it everything it's cracked up to be?
Good luck glad to see you going for it!

Only 667 visits after weeks is pretty low.

You should be getting a few hundred visits a day.

However I have to agree with this. You need to check either the groups your posting in or your group post/message content or possibly even your site/product you're promoting. I tend to get between 250-500 visits to my page per blast (blast = 1 account posting 1 message to 50 groups, so 50 postings) and I promote products rather than viral news or even free cpa offers or something but actual products for sale so my group postings make it obvious that its something being sold (and not that shopify free stuff with shipping but normal priced stuff) and people clicking through aren't going to be doing so unless they are a potential buyer which means my rates should be MUCH lower than yours.

Their is something that needs tweaking/improvement either in your group post content or in your groups posted to (not specific/targeted enough) or perhaps even WHAT you're promoting (your site/product/offer not being attractive even to well targeted groups). I think this is the biggest thing you should be looking at, figure out why your overall traffic numbers are this low and improve what the problem is and you should really take off and start earning once you can address this, right now I think this is your #1 problem area though so definitely try to figure it out.

Again though, good to see you taking action and best of luck!
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Thanks wowhaxor, appreciate the response
Will initially look at my post lead ins and see if i can improve the visits to site, have another bunch of groups to add to the campaign so good for further testing on the responsiveness of the niche groups.
Updated all current lead ins to relate more to the product and updated the article to make the links more apparent about what they are clicking to.
Inserted identifier into the keywords being passed so i can see which lead in text as well as image is generating the traffic
Also added approx 50 new groups to each accounts posting campaigns.
Will gently increase the post frequency over next few days as set around 5 per account currently.
whilst waiting for new results and looking at other offers....know that i suck at these pre-sales posts. does anybody know any good reading for killer pre-sales copy that would apply to this type of facebook posting?
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