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    Dec 7, 2008
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    He was already banned for scamming me and many other members here

    He has a new account and is increasing his posts again by answering old posts

    (18:10) pvaunknownn btw what happened to your account ?
    (18:10) pvaunknownn lol
    (18:10) blackmagicmasterbhw he he are u kidding me
    (18:10) blackmagicmasterbhw
    (18:10) blackmagicmasterbhw i m already in with newer ! bhw is stupid place !
    (18:11) pvaunknownn
    (18:11) pvaunknownn also JrVip ?
    (18:11) pvaunknownn if yes i know someone we could scam
    (18:11) pvaunknownn you could offer him cl leads and he needs to prepay
    (18:11) blackmagicmasterbhw hehe who men ?
    (18:12) pvaunknownn is sending you 5k$
    (18:12) pvaunknownn you split 50/50
    (18:12) pvaunknownn and get a new account
    (18:12) blackmagicmasterbhw really i m not jr vip though
    (18:12) blackmagicmasterbhw but really ?
    (18:12) pvaunknownn sure
    (18:12) pvaunknownn its an idiot
    (18:12) pvaunknownn who scammed me on a jv
    (18:12) pvaunknownn but is looking for a big lead provider
    (18:12) pvaunknownn so i will forward him to you
    (18:12) blackmagicmasterbhw who is it 50/50 is okay bcoz 5K is good money
    (18:13) blackmagicmasterbhw what about the payment method ?
    (18:13) pvaunknownn he is sending by paypal
    (18:13) pvaunknownn or WU
    (18:13) pvaunknownn you need to talk to him
    (18:13) blackmagicmasterbhw because if he pay in paypal an i withdraw i cant use that paypal again
    (18:13) blackmagicmasterbhw lets make it out
    (18:13) blackmagicmasterbhw but 50 / 50 okay
    (18:13) pvaunknownn ok i will tell him to contact you on bhw by pm
    (18:14) pvaunknownn but remember once you get 5k i want my share
    (18:14) pvaunknownn just leave your account
    (18:14) blackmagicmasterbhw 100%
    (18:14) pvaunknownn and get a new one
    (18:14) blackmagicmasterbhw which bhw or ? paypal ?>
    (18:14) pvaunknownn bhw
    (18:14) pvaunknownn best would be if you could find an idiot
    (18:14) pvaunknownn who will pick up the money
    (18:14) pvaunknownn so it wont be on your name
    (18:15) blackmagicmasterbhw my account is very new !
    (18:15) blackmagicmasterbhw its okay iin india no one can reach here with paypal
    (18:15) blackmagicmasterbhw there is no laws or such
    (18:15) pvaunknownn ok
    (18:15) blackmagicmasterbhw u rememver **** and ***
    (18:15) pvaunknownn i'm going to send him an IM to contact you on bhw
    (18:15) pvaunknownn which nick do you have there now?
    (18:15) pvaunknownn not really
    (18:16) blackmagicmasterbhw brown
    (18:16) pvaunknownn ok
    (18:16) pvaunknownn he is from US
    (18:16) pvaunknownn so he will contact you for sure late in the night or in the morning
    (18:16) blackmagicmasterbhw okay !
    (18:16) blackmagicmasterbhw okay ping me in here in yahoo okay
    (18:16) blackmagicmasterbhw i m on
    (18:17) pvaunknownn ok
    (18:17) pvaunknownn btw did you mind if i'm going to publish our convo on bhw?
    (18:18) pvaunknownn with your real name info sandeep
    (18:18) blackmagicmasterbhw i knew it men
    (18:18) pvaunknownn LOL HA HA IT WAS A JOKE
    (18:18) pvaunknownn calm down
    (18:18) blackmagicmasterbhw look one thing
    (18:19) blackmagicmasterbhw i m banned from there and that account is quite new
    (18:19) blackmagicmasterbhw just 47 odd posts
    (18:19) blackmagicmasterbhw if i get banned again i can get in easily but what u just mention if it's true
    (18:19) blackmagicmasterbhw then we ends up with 2500$ each in pocket !
    (18:19) blackmagicmasterbhw your call now
    (18:19) blackmagicmasterbhw what ever u want
    (18:20) blackmagicmasterbhw lets make it
    (18:20) blackmagicmasterbhw ping me if u get any positiv result !
    (18:20) blackmagicmasterbhw i m going out for smoking !

    blackmagicmasterbhw wow men u really an asshole and i said na i knew it thats why i didnt mention my ID ;)
    (00:18) blackmagicmasterbhw i m also having one brain working here !
    (00:27) pvaunknownn calm down
    (00:27) pvaunknownn its just some fun for me
    (00:27) blackmagicmasterbhw ha ha and for me too ;) becaus a fool can know this trick and we are blackhatters dont forget ! :) okay best of luck with ur venture !!
    (00:28) pvaunknownn i dont have a venture
    (00:28) pvaunknownn and there is no truck
    (00:29) pvaunknownn just some fun for me that your new account will get deleted
    (00:29) blackmagicmasterbhw pls go ahead and delete it its not mine i just took one random newbie ;) best of luck ! ha ha !
    (00:29) pvaunknownn lol
    (00:30) pvaunknownn you are like all stupid indian scammers thinking they are smart
    (00:30) blackmagicmasterbhw really open BHW shit list and see the ration
    (00:30) blackmagicmasterbhw u get ur answer
    (00:31) blackmagicmasterbhw i m not thinking i m smart brother ! okay let me do my work ;) i m busy in one server
    (00:35) pvaunknownn yeah i know
    (00:35) pvaunknownn you are earning like 500$/day LOL
    (00:35) blackmagicmasterbhw little bit less lol
    (00:36) pvaunknownn yes very little like 495$ less
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    gosh. damn scammer, i hate them..
  4. welshman

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    May 9, 2009
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    I'm surprised people fall so easily for things like that! lol, was a good read.
  5. unknownn

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    Dec 7, 2008
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    yeah he is definetly stealing leads/emails from interspire .
    I caught him as i sealed the list with my own emails.

    Somebody IM'ed me he got scammed by brown buying a vps mailer.
    So he start scamming here again
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    This cocksucker stole 250k of my emails. Anyone have personal contact info for Sandeep? Please PM, reward offered for TRUE location and identity of blackmagicmaster aka brown.
  8. forgot

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    May 3, 2008
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    ********ing bastard, stole my 200$ and not sure if he stole my email lists etc, but I think he had.
  9. raiderred

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    Jan 2, 2009
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    Good info, will definately not use this guy