[BREAKING] Iink Collid*r L00pH0le [The visits this thread, the better]

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    The idea is simple. An hidden iframe - to get lots of credits. The number of credits you get will depends on how many people visit this thread.

    P.S I don't know if this works but then I'm 80% sure this works. So lets try it out!

    Step 1: Go to your tools in that site. Look at your ref ID.

    Step 2:

    [B]Copy&Paste the script below inside the <body> of your site.[/B]
    Copy the code below that sentence, and reply to this thread.

    Step 3 : Kaching!

    Edit: Doesn't work on this forum. But I'm sure it works on a blank html page (hidden iframe). Try it! :)


    Step 1: make sure you have a domain and a web host.
    Step 2: Paste that code into the body of your site as a iframe
    Step 3: Use an auto-surfer traffic program to drive lots of traffic to your site. Enjoy your credits!
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