Branding or not to Brand

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    We run a successful ecommerce site in our niche and were thinking of taking the .net version of our domain name and putting up a community site with forums and everything. That way we have great inbound marketing and people can constantly remember our brand. People tell their friends about us all the time be we really do not offer very much information on the product we sell on our main site as we do not want to clutter up our store with a bunch of content.

    I then got to thinking if we made a generic community site off our brand name we would be able to sell advertising space on it to our competition and open up more doors for multiple revenue streams. The most popular forum in our niche is making a killing off selling sponsored listings to vendors and its working for them.

    So my question is should I just keep up with my branding and get more people to know our name and offer them a cool place to hang out and post on our / about our market or start up a general project and sell advertising space to the competition. Would you be more willing to make a purchase off a store that has public discussions with their customers and offers a ton of high quality information about the product. We can do the same thing on a general site and just give us a Vendors thread that is always listed at the top of the list. I still feel strange about maybe potentially sending our customers elseware but it is always nice to give people options.

    What are your thoughts?