Brand New to it All! Hello.

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Blankey, Dec 13, 2013.

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    Here's my first post, to start off I'd just like to say hello.

    So I've been curious about making money online for many years now, and have understood the general principle of it all. I'm finally taking the plunge and going to learn what I need to learn/do to make some money, and hopefully meet some interesting people along the way. I love to chat/discuss with people about their ventures, and pretty much anything intellectually related! So feel free to message me if you feel the same and want to chat. I feel you can learn a lot in a small amount of time talking to people, and gain a lot of perspective.

    One particular aspect interests me. That is ads that 'Pay per View'. I don't have a great understanding of their implementation/returns as of yet, but I feel they are what I will want to center/learn about first. Perhaps I'll try to set up a small scale website initially just to kinda get my foot in the door and see how everything works. I have a few 'concepts' in my head that I may want to develop. Over the past year whenever I had some sort of concept/idea (as far as websites + revenue) I wrote it down, and described it. So now I have a notebook half full of basic website concepts (as someone who only knows html basics).

    I hope to use those concepts and apply what I learn here to make them a reality, or evolve/scrap them as necessary (once I discover which are feasible).

    I'm not familiar with the community, but from what I quickly browsed over it seems quite great. I'm a fan of mutually beneficial communities where trolls aren't abundant (a rare bastion of hope for the internet). I hope for some guidance from the community, but I'm not afraid to dig deep for answers myself. That said if anyone wants to mentor me, I'm willing to learn from those willing to teach. Perhaps I could give you a new perspective as well somehow!

    Anyway I look forward to seeing what I can learn. Feel free to message me/chat any time.

    Time to lurk and learn. :]


    "Luck is where Preparation meets Opportunity"
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    hey blanky, welcome to bhw with such a long intro. :)
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