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    Hi all! My first post so - big Thanks to everyone for everything I learned from you here. Didn't know anything few moths ago and now I know even less. Almost kidding, truth is - there's sooooo much to learn for newb that it takes time. We know that.

    So, I decided I'll start with Youtube, it seemed the least I thought. Method I choose is straight forward: pick a product, make a YT video, make money.

    I started with buyer keywords and competition analysis just to get a hang of it and things went downhill. I'll give you examples so you can analyze it to test your expertise.


    - product and keyword: Instaprofitgram

    - competition: there's like 100 videos in Google but one guy holds G position 3 and position 1 in Youtube (same video)

    -----Now, as I understood, main factors for ranking are: number of views and numbers of backlinks. But this guy has 1300 views in 6 months and 6 backlinks (checked with OpenSiteExplorer). And he's 3rd! 100's of other videos (older, with more views and more links) don't even show in Google or they show on page 6 or 9.
    ----- Also, guy has 3 subscribers, 8 likes and few comments. Onpage SEO is non existant too - no description, he doesn't even know how to put workable link (only www without http)

    So, where is all the smart theory about ranking videos with SEO (on and off) in this example?

    It's the exactly same thing for another 2 CB products I took a look at! Videos that should rank high - don't and vice versa.

    Can Google be actually understood? I would like to know before I start spending $$ on backlinking, bookmarks and stuff for my own videos.
    According to these exampes - $$ for nothing.
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    Put it this way, if YouTUbe (Google) had a ranking algorithm that made sense, anyone would be able to rank anything. There's a lot of different factors that go into ranking a video. Just keep doing everything you posted above an eventually you will outrank them.