Brainstorming Insurance CPA ideas ?

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    Hey dudes,

    Was brainstorming some CPA insurance ideas and came up with this list of ideas and investigating the following action plan.

    What's your Take on these ideas for CPA? Take a quick look and let me know what you think....

    Some general info about Auto Insurance Leads---and apparently Quality is very important, you don't want to masque these offers as something it's not. You'll get kicked off fast.

    Anyway....what's your input on the following information?

    Two Main types of auto insurance offers
    1. Auto Insurance Submits require little info, usually just an email, 1 page, pays $3-6
    2. Auto Insurance Wizards are complete auto insurance forms with all user details, multiple pages, pays $8-15
    You always want to split test both, and i suggest 2 of each. There so much selection, that if don't split test your throwing out a lot of potential cash.

    Direct Linking vs Landing Pages
    Lots of options here!
    - Direct linking works a lot of the time
    - Simple landing pages with benefits (ie: cheaper insurance) work
    - 'Flog' style landing pages also work well (testimonials of people who've saved, how/why its cheap etc..)
    I don't want to out any landing pages I've seen but the landing pages are pretty simple here. No secrets. You should always trying at least 1 landing page, and split test with direct linking.

    Increase Conversions?
    Your landing pages should show some of the following:
    - $Money Stats (Pay only $9/week!)
    - Saving figures (Saving you Hundreds a year)
    - Graphs or Charts
    - Geoscript
    - News logos
    - Why auto insurance is cheap NOW!
    - How people are saving in 'your area'

    Finding Angles
    - You can advertise to people trying to save money
    - To people who have expensive premiums
    - To people with specific cars ie: "Import Cars, Muscle Cars"
    This is what will separate you and make your campaign long term & profitable! Be creative.

    - Sometimes you'll get approved, sometimes you won't. This is the life of a Facebook marketer. When you do get approved though and your campaign is running for a while it's awesome! Sometimes it'll take you 5+ ad submissions to get your ads through. This leads us to the topic of other traffic sources.

    Traffic Sources
    Auto Insurance leads have a pretty wide range. Any source with men/women 23+ is worth testing. I'll discuss PPV, Facebook, Big & Small Media Buys below.

    Has a lot of competition within the auto insurance space. Main URLs like "(geico, statefarm etc?)" have a ton of competition and bids are extremely high. Unless you have an amazing campaign going or have a lot of experience i wouldn't bother competing against those URLs. Some are up to $0.75 cents per pop! This also goes for main keywords as well.

    To step into the Auto Insurance space using PPV it's imperative you take an angle with your campaign.
    - Picture the whole "Fast and The Furious" scene! You could target that group of 20-26 year olds? racing sites, car modding sites, car part sites, those car brands (ie: exhaust companies, tire companies etc.), fast and the furious related urls (the 5th movie is about to come out too), and forums for all those sites. Also forums for Nissan 350z, 240sx, GTR, Skyline, Subaru WRX, STi, Honda s2k, the list goes on forever, and there are forums for every car along with 1000's of longtail urls for all those cars.
    - Then make a landing page related to "modded cars", make sure you show a picture of a nice modded 350z, and tell the viewer in a few words how they MUST checkout *ABC Insurance* for best deals on modded cars!
    - You can do this with bikes, muscle cars, off roading vehicles. + there are many other angles to take!

    Facebook Targeting
    - I recommend trying separate ads for men/women
    - Different age groups (4-5 year increments)
    - If you have a working campaign, split your ads within separate states (make sure to name the state in the ads/title)! This will increase your CTR + Conversions.
    * Keywords, this is where you can really set yourself apart from the competition.
    - If your ads are around people trying to save money, possibly target saving money sites such as: couponmom, coupons, smartsource, couponcabin, valkpak, etc? 1000 of sites will add up!
    - If your ads are towards male teens with 'import cars' try targeting: Nascar, Nissan 350z, import fest, Drifting, drifting events, car shows,
    I could go on forever with this stuff! Just make sure your landing page is related to your keywords. You don't want to show a muslce car landing page while targeting import cars.

    Private Media Buying (Big)
    - Big media buying is hard with Auto Insurance leads, i don't see many people doing it on major networks such as CPXInteractive, Casale Media, Tribal Fusion etc..
    It's worth a test on major auto media sellers though: Google content network, Auto Trader, other automotive sale websites, and. internetbrands/autonetwork (Which holds inventory on thousand of car sites and forums!) -- Excpet HIGH CPMs for all the traffic sources above.

    Private Media Buying (Small)
    - Some automotive sites/forums sell advertising space themselves. This is who you want to find. I've done this in the past with approx 150% ROI. The last time i did this was for 5 months straight, 2 sites profited nicely, but the banners only cost $240 and $600 approx a month. That meant only $1000 profit, but i couldn't complain! It was on complete autopilot and only took minutes to put up.
    - I emailed over 50 sites/forums, and got roughly 5 responses. 3 turned into sales, and 1 was roughly 15% ROI, i pulled it so i didn't have to watch it.
    - Make your banners BOLD and noticeable. Your working on a flat rate basis here, you need to get as many clicks as possible!
    - Try asking for a day or week test run. Tell the website owners you have a large budget but need to test their traffic quality before you commit to long term ad buys.
    - What country is the majority of their traffic from? Make sure you find this out, Alexa is usually accurate enough.
    - The main goal to making private media buying work for auto insurance is contacting as many car related sites/forums as you can. Only 5% will return your emails so you need to contact a lot and you can get some very stable revenue going.

    I Can Guarantee You High CTR -- Images That profit!
    I've tried 500+ images for Auto Insurance, here's some tips
    - Images of concept cars
    - Images of weird cars
    - Images of weird auto's in general, anything that drives
    - Images of weird car components, car lights, car horns, once you type in 'weird cars' in google you'll start seeing things which will give you more ideas of keywords to search for!
    - Uniwheel cars, Tron (the movie) bikes, the bat mobile! Start thinking things along these lines and you'll be getting wild CTR!
    *The image ideas above/below are not just for Facebook. These images will yield high CTR everywhere!

    Some images to get ideas flowing in your head!

    Today's Best Converting Auto Insurance Offers!
    - Lead - Auto Insurance - Zip Submit - iSpy Auto Insurance US (US)
    - Lead - Auto Insurance - Zip Submit - Car Insurance Finders US (Email Only) (US)
    - Auto Insurance - Auto Protect USA (US)
    - Auto Insurance Quotes - 2Insure4Less
    I haven't tried any of these ideas yet....just putting down on paper what they are...and look like. Thanks for your input!

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    In the middle of nowhere
    Or may be he's just using retargeting platform.
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    ^^^...there are some dudes (i met a few) who have fake Geico Ads (not approved by Geico)...up and running. They funnel them to auto insurance leads sites....and an application is filled out. Not above board (obviously)...and its not long before they are taken down. Although someone told me (can't believe everything you hear but) he had one fake Geico Ad up and running for 6mths. Don't ask me how he got away with this....he was tight lipped.
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    what is best cpa network for insurance?
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    That's the kind of stuff i do. What traffic method was it running on?
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    Don't know....but there are some kewl ways i see dudes' getting insurance leads. Apparently there's good money in the leads....but how they GET someone TO FILL out a 5 page lead application....shows the quality of the lead must have been decent.
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    One word: geo targeting.

    For insurance lead gen use a geo targeting script that displays the viewers location on any landing page or banner - conversion goes through the roof.
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