Bought a good domain, I think?

Discussion in 'Domain Names & Parking' started by JadMac, Jan 29, 2014.

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    Jan 6, 2014
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    OK so I bought a domain which a UK business has been building a facebook page for (with the same name) and I just contacted them asking if they want to buy it and they said they'd get back to me. So what I'm wondering is if their page gets huge - bear in mind that the term of the domain already shows many results on google, might it be worth keeping it and stealing their traffic? Or not??

    Will it be easier to get traffic to it?
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    Depends entirely on the business and what their growth is like. Seeing as it's your niche and obviously you can't give out all the info on it, it's probably best that you come up with a decision yourself. Unless a reputable member offers to help you out more via PM, nobody here will be able to advise you properly on the best course of action.

    I hope my lack of help helps you in some way?
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    You should put some kind of content on the page ahead of time to put the domain to use until they get back to you. This will help prevent against any legal / cyber squatting terms if they decide not to buy and choose to attack. Make sure the content is generic / neutral and unrelated to their business (avoid brand confusion). If they are friendly and decide to pay, then I would take the offer.
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    I would build the hell out of it so you rank number one, place adsense ads all over it. If they can't beat you, they will pay for PPC, which will show up on your site. When people are looking for the company, they will hit you, see its not right, but see the ad for the legit company and click on it since it is easier than clicking back and then searching some more.

    I use to do this, and it brought in about $800 a month.

    You run the risk if they already own trademark on it, that they can just take the domain though.