Bot Release - What Do You Guys Want?


Aug 28, 2010
Basically as the title says.
I've got some more spare time and i'm looking to release another piece of software. It will be the same scenario as the Page Inviter, with there being limited features on the free release and full futures on the 'paid/donate' release.

Let me know what you guys want.
hate to tell you, but you posted two threads. but IMHO i would like something that scrapes proxies from paid sites if possible.
hate to tell you, but you posted two threads. but IMHO i would like something that scrapes proxies from paid sites if possible.
Yep, i reported to a mod.
Also - Posted in facebook section, due course to it being related to facebook.
I'd personally love to get something that talks to people and we can teach the bot ... say if a person says "Hi", it should reply "Hello babe" I'm aware that there are some similar bots in market, but just haven't found the perfect one yet.

madbot.. please make a bot that makes email address accounts from hotmail/gmail/yahoo
u can make it do 1 thread and the selling one 50 threads
i would actually like a bot that adds 50 people a day. with the new add feature that FB brought up, its a pain. and also auto accept any request. friend request app request, things like that
Hey, i would like a bot which can register new accounts on web 2.0 properties and verify emails as well. If it can have account manager that would be plus to create and use multiple accounts. Also if it was possible to create web2.0 properties using those accounts automatically. This bot will obliviously make use of proxies and decaptcher for fast and reliable processing. I think lots of people will be interested in such good think. I know SENuke does this but its too expensive, something at a low price which can do stuff like this will be a great hit. Cheers :)
Can something be made that will scrape fan or group page IDs according to user's given keywords & make a post on their wall?
Not really a bot but a piece of software that can open however many accounts, maybe 10, at once in facebook chat.

Then maybe a bot attached to paid version. You set up a load of message files with spun messages that can be used in order and it just blasts through...whilst avoiding looking like spam :)
Ok, I am looking for a bot since 5 years:

Bot that sends $100 to my account every hour as long as I am running it in background :p Its up to you how this will happen.

Make it and you are king ^^
You create a bot with your ideas first on any topic and share it here, and then ask members to suggest improvements. That would build a trust for your noble intention and also would not seem like many other threads where the creator simply walked away with some cool ideas... hope you understand the legit concern.
bot that scrapes all of facebook and creates duplicate sites based on locale. Mmmm spamalicious.
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