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Bot idea - Targeted comments

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by theswissguy, Jul 23, 2015.

  1. theswissguy

    theswissguy Newbie

    Jul 18, 2015
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    Hello folks,

    Maybe someone already had this idea but... Here's a bot idea that could help targeting users to comment on

    Problem: Commenting on FL is nice but it also make you comment on pictures that are not relevant at all!
    Let me explain, if you're in the luxury niche (watches) and you have FL set up to comment on every posts tagged with #rolex
    50% of those posts will be spam or not even watches
    So if you comment 500 pictures you're actually not efficient on 250 of them (it's just an estimation)

    Solution: A bot that scrapes pictures based on tags and display a grid of pictures to you, you click on the ones you don't want to comment on (it's easy, you clearly see which ones are not #rolex watches). Then the bot start commenting those you don't clicked

    Bonus: Add an option to blacklist the users who posted the pictures you clicked

    Bonus 2: Add an option to like X numbers of pictures from the "good" users

    Bonus 3: Add an option to scrapes pictures based on 1 tag that don't have another specific tag, for example scrape only #rolex and ignore #follow4follow
    (that way you could ignore some fake accounts)

    That way you can make sure your 500 comments are really targeting the right audience :)
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