Bot Discussion


Jan 15, 2016
All about bots
whats the purpose of bots?
where can they be used?
how to use them?
should I bot backlinks(spam links) or the main website?
what are the best bots?
how to configure them?
how often should I change proxies?
can more of them run at the same time?

I have 4 bots myself(intelligent traffic, web traffic booster, google search bot, traffic twister) and a pretty solid pc with 24gb of ram that can run 10 bots at the same time and not cause trouble with pc performance and can run forever without turning off.
So everybody, who has great pc's can build massive amount of traffic and increase their google page rank with no time, just to figure out how to use them.
I with no knowledge of bots, managed to get my keywords that have google trend scale numbers of: 82, 73, 61(if you don't know what google trend is, see here google/trends)
to be 28, 31 and 40th ranked on google search engine.
Lol why are you asking the purpose of bots and running 4 bots and you keep saying bots a lot hello googleeeeeeeee
What proxy you it look unique...I have use bot before and adsense is invalid traffic..any suggestion?
I think the adsense cannot be fooled atleast what I know, I use proxies from
But you can use bot to increase traffic of your site to get your site higher value so it can cost more
For ranking higher on google you need to bot your site links and you need
Backlinks that lots of people go to, to get to your site - you can bot that to
Anything is botable you just have to come up with a good strategy.'s just for seo purpose..any suggestion to monetize bot traffic?
You can monitaze by ranking your keywords higher.
For example if you are affiliate and you have competing keyword you can beat others by boting links on your site and boting backlinks that lead to your site.
Google search this (black friday buy legal steroids) and you can see that my keyword is first
And I manage to this by only 2 days of running google search bot with that keyword
How often do I need to change proxies?
How to configure google search bot for best results, especially the time spent on each page?
What are the best bots?
Any ppc network that accept bot traffic with proxy or vpn? please pm me if you have any info
How often do I need to change proxies?
How to configure google search bot for best results, especially the time spent on each page?
What are the best bots?
(ppc networks top 22) google this
But don't know which one of them excepts bot traffic, you can try some of them to see.
I think Adsense can be fooled but not by a lot. Would love to learn more about bots but Botraffic is posting so much that there's no time to start a conversation about them ;p
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