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    Welcome everyone this my first topic on the forum.This is a simple gift..

    Google Traffic Pop Features:

    Locks all page usability ? The user cannot interact with your webpages until the popup is closed!
    One click, no bulls**t install requires NO CODE use or knowledge to get up and running
    Cookies remember users who already have already pressed the +1 button on your content
    Works on all WordPress sites big and small
    Optional close button
    Optional advanced close features including press ESC key to close, and clicking outside of the popup to close
    Fully customizable CSS, set background opacity right from the options panel
    Disable the timer completely requiring users to +1 or close (if enabled)
    VIRAL Google styled popup will induce more +1 action.
    Make Google your slave with just a few clicks!

    just download it and try it

    direct link : go.tech-fans.com/googletrafficpop

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    Quick question in regards to +1's. Do people have to have a google account in order to give +1s? For example, with fb, you can't like a page unless you're logged in your account.

    Oh and by the way, it'd be better for the members to see what this is about if you include at least the sales page of what you're sharing.