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    Hi Guys,
    You all must be aware about backlinks from Blogs (Blog-commenting and Blog Posts). I have a more advanced and powerful method than Blog commeting, or posts.
    [Soory for poor English]

    The Methods is getting links by Top Comments. You are to search blogs in your niche which have top comments widget and get links from them. Believe me, there are hundreds of available. Here is a snapshot to make things clear.

    Link Anything else on this universe, it has some pros and cons. Here are those:
    * You will get Link on Home page, and on each and every page of that blog. This means if the blog has 100 pages, you will get link on all of them.
    * It will boost your rankings. Suppose you got link from a site with 10k pages-where your rankings can go.
    * Great PR benefits. You will get benefit of every PR of every page of that blog.

    * You will have to manage your link as Top commentor.
    * Only quality post swill be approved by moderator, So the method cannot be automated. But I think the benefits are worth Trying.

    And One more such widgets is getting links in Recent Comments (Which appear on home page and most of them provide Do-Follow Links). Here is a Screenshot.

    Here are some such blogs:

    I am working on list which I will post very soon here.

    Cheers to Internet Marketing!!
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