Boost your adsense or any other PPC network revenue and boost your CTR

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    So this is another of my adsense JVs.

    What this is all about:
    If you have low CTR but you have quite a few traffic to your established page I can boost it in terms of CTR and ofc. in terms of revenue. So if you are now making $50 a day we can easily boost it to $80-$100 or even more with a small investment. I wont need any kind of access to your site.

    Risk involved:
    Well we are talking about adsense here (or any other network) so that means there is always "a god knows why reason I got banned" involved. So if you dont want to take that risk, dont go in to this JV because you may get banned, but you may get banned with this JV or without this JV. However I have quite a few experience with google adsense in particular, I have also some insider info which is why none of my accounts got banned yet, neither anyone elses who I work with.

    Please note that:
    It has nothing to do with clickjacking. Extra traffic which boosts revenue is search engines based and social media traffic and they do convert because they are "not pushed" to click in any way.

    How will we count the boost:

    Simple we will take a look at past month avarage daily earning. We will then split the boost on next month 50/50. Everything is negotiable.

    How much? :)
    Well I cant tell you that because everyone will have its individual rate but I can tell you that $50 boost to well established site (2-3 payments before) with good keyword (credit card for example) would cost you not more then $3-5 daily (anyhow it depends and I am talking about adsense in this particular case). You have to deduct 50% ofc. because that goes to me.

    For more info PM me with Adsense boost in title or something in those lines.