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    Since I joined BHW I have done a lot of reading, this place can give you so much value that it is insane!! Not so much the methods or SEO tutorials or anything like that for me but more the way that it can get you thinking. I found this place in October and this place has already changed my life, I have been doing "Web Design"(Wordpress) and "SEO"(paying others to do it) for offline clients making some okay money,I use these profits to work with what I really like to do which is paid traffic, in October I did not know the first thing about any of these! I wanted to share some books I read that really really helped change the way I think and have helped me more than I ever thought a book could.

    1.Psycho-Cybernetic's by Maxwell Maltz- This book changed the way I think in a big way, I am not a "self-help" type of person but this book is seriously gold please read it
    2.Frogs into Princes by Richard Bandler- About NLP and probably my favorite, this book can change your life.
    3.Cashvertising by Drew Eric Whitman- Excellent book about the psychology of advertising, I would be surprised if most here hadn't at least heard of this, a must read for any marketer.

    These books are nothing new and many here have probably already heard/read them already but to any who haven't , do yourself a huge favor and read these three. If you have any other books you feel have the potential to do great things for people please list them here!
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