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    I'm looking for the best option for bookmarking my Web 2.0, profile links & article links. I currently have the following programs.

    Magic Submitter
    Sick Submitter

    These programs offer bookmarking services.

    However, I have noticed they are extremely slow, or don't work well. SEnuke is the fastest, and easiest to use. However, the success rate is very low, and they only have a few bookmarking websites that can be uses.

    Magic submitter only uses 1 email per submit, making it impossible to bookmark more than 20 URL's at the same time. However, the amount of bookmarking sites that it comes with, and the fact that we can upload our own list is a great feature.

    Sick Submitter is really slow, and also only uses 1 email per submit, making it impossible to bookmark a large amount link at the sames time.

    If anyone has a good strategy to bookmarking 200+ URL's at one time, I would love to hear about it. I'm getting frustrated taking many hours to get a few hundred URL's bookmarked with the programs I currently have.

    I have heard mixed reviews about Bookmarking Demon, people tell me that you need to create hundreds of emails for this program to work properly, which takes a ton of time. Plus the fact that this software is really clunky, and has a major learning curve.

    So.... I'm looking for the best possible option for bookmarking a number of URL's every day, taking the littlest amount of time to do!