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Oct 16, 2009
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After browsing through a bunch of bookmarking tools that didn't really work well in the downloads section, I decided to ask the public of BHW to recommend me a good bookmarking tool.

All I ask is that you list not BD as I don't really want to fork out $197 for a tool that bookmarks :).
I recommend Bookmarkwiz, since it has a captcha breaking feature and auto accounts creation. It bookmarks to the 30/35 bookmarking sites, and the support is good.
I recommend Bookmarkwiz, since it has a captcha breaking feature and auto accounts creation. It bookmarks to the 30/35 bookmarking sites, and the support is good.

I'm curious, do you have a list of the 30 or so websites that Bookmarkwiz submits to?

Supported bookmarking sites:

Another good thing is that it supports 3 different captcha breaking services, and you can chain them.

Personally I let it try with decaptcher (the cheapest), if it overloaded/fails, it trys with beatcaptchas, and then with bypasscaptchas
You can use the discount code "WARRIOR" to get Bookmarkwiz at 87$ instead of 97$
I have purchased both of these products. I think bookmarkwiz is better if you only want it to promote say 40-60 pages per month once you get over that mark. Bookmarking demon comes into it own i think. With BW it you have to manually enter the information for each site. With BMD5 you can just copy and url's into the import section and it grabs the information for you. BW does submit to better sites because it has breaking capture capabilities. Where BMD5 does not. I personally use BMD5 a lot more because of the shear volume of url's i promote.

This is my opinion. I hope it helps some people.
I don't know if you know about this one, but there is a free online service (you just have to put a link pointing back to their site on one of your sites) it's called OnlyWire, and I have found it very useful.

With that you can Bookmark about 30 sites a couple of them fails but they update often so the most of them are fixed, some of them you have to Finalize, but that's easy as some of them you just put in the captcha in a pop-up, and others you get redirected to the Bookmark site, with most of the fields pre-filled.

When you have the bookmark or addon installed you just choose to Bookmark With or Without Frames (Frames=you can see half of the site you Bookmark) then it pre-fill the Title and the Link, you can then either choose to view the source code of your site and use the Keywords and Description from there, or write new ones for yourself.

Then press "Bookmark" and it will go and do its work and in about 5 min you can go back and finalize the last 5-10 sites which is quickly done.

Hope this can help someone.


This is the sites it Bookmarks to And 3 New was added today which is not shown on my "Submitted Content List" but two of them succeeded in my test.

Google Bookmarks
Hi5 --------------NEW SUCCEEDED
LinkaGoGo ---------NEW FAILED
Mister Wong
Plurk -----------NEW SUCCEEDED
Yahoo Bookmarks

And this is how it looks like 5 min after pressing Bookmark "Submitted Content List" so you can get an idea on how many failes and succed, the FINALIZE = SUCCEED (The 3 new sites are not shown here) Some of the Failures could be me using a wrong username.

"Submitted Content List"

Ask -->>>>>>>>> SUCCESS
Bebo -->>>>>>>> SUCCESS
Bibsonomy -->>>> SUCCESS
Blinklist -->>>>>> SUCCESS
BookmarkSync -->SUCCESS
Connotea -->>>> FINALIZE
Delicious -->>>>> SUCCESS
Digg -->>>>>>>>> FINALIZE
Diigo -->>>>>>>>> SUCCESS
Facebook -->>>>> FAILURE
Faves -->>>>>>>> SUCCESS
FriendFeed -->>>>> FAILURE
Google Bookmarks-> SUCCESS
Jumptags -->>>>>> SUCCESS
Mister Wong -->>>> SUCCESS
Mixx -->>>>>>>>>> FINALIZE
Multiply-->>>>>>>> SUCCESS
MySpace -->>>>>> FAILURE
Newsvine -->>>>> FAILURE
Plaxo -->>>>>>>> FAILURE
Propeller -->>>>> SUCCESS
Reddit -->>>>>>> FINALIZE
Simpy -->>>>>>> FAILURE
Slashdot -->>>>> FINALIZE
Spurl -->>>>>>>> SUCCESS
Stumbleupon -->> FINALIZE
Tumblr -->>>>>>> SUCCESS
Twitter -->>>>>>> SUCCESS
Yahoo Bookmarks-> SUCCESS

PS: A little advice to avoid getting accounts banned on bookmark sites; Don't Bookmark from the same domain to many times in a row, Bookmark some/many other sites between, and of course make sure it ain't Competing sites you Bookmark.
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I agree with ZionTazia... onlywire is a nice site and does the deal for you.
@zion: yeah it's social bookmarking

@demon: thanks for explaining

just got the email bout a reply on this thread
I was looking for some bookmarking tool like maybe socialmarker, bookmarking demon etc! onlywire is not a bad deal at all and worth considering,,
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