Bookmarking Demon 5 is killing me

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO Tools' started by lucabrasi, Jun 11, 2010.

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    Layed off from real job but working at a survival
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    Disclosure: I am brand new to social bookmarking software of any kind.

    Does anyone know of good social bookmarking software. BMD5 is making me crazy.
    Its GUI seems counter intuitive.
    I cannot find a way to retry failed attempts at account creation or anything else.
    Support tickets do not get answered. (Sometimes not even an automated response of ticket being received.)
    The documentation doesn't help me resolve any of my issues.
    There is no forum for asking questions.
    These folks don't seem to give a shit about customer support.

    I am reading in the forums and find people who love it and who hate it. I think the people who love it know how to use it and those who hate it don't know how to use it.

    Does anyone know of a decent tutorial to make BMD5 work for me. If not, I need to return it and move on. I cannot afford to waste this kind of time figuring out how to use this thing.

    Can someone recommend a good tutorial? If not, what social bookmarking software should I buy when I return this one.

    Thank you for any help
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    Yeah I've heard BMD sucks hardcore, I'd return it, and if you can afford it, get SeNuke pro, $127 per month, but it does all that and more. They have a 7 day trial I think, so if you wanna test it out sign up and if you don't want it just cancel before the trial ends.
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    AH I hate to do this. I think it is about time I show up in this forum. Okay. This is Jenny from EdwinSoft support. I believe many of BMD users know me. :)

    For those who don't, and have submitted tickets to us, I can assure you that I reply your tickets within 24 hours. If you did not receive any auto response from our system, it means that your provider is blocking the email sent from our system. Email has always been a very unreliable way of communication due to spam. I have users signing up to spamarrest and there is no way auto responder can reach them.

    Always remember the ticket # that is displayed to you after you submit a ticket and you can use that to check back after 24 hours (if you did not receive a reply).

    P.S.S.S.S I will not be replying any support tickets here. This is not the official channel for me to do so. So people, please please please, when in doubt, drop a ticket at the official support channel.

    @lucabrasi If you have submitted a ticket (which I believe you did), and you have "not" receive a reply from me, drop me a new ticket and take down that ticket #. I will reply your query again.

    @admin_of_bhw I am not sure if I have broke any rules for posting this reply here. If I did. Let me know. I will not repeat it again.
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