• BMW 3

    Votes: 1 100.0%
  • AUDI A 4

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Auther

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I've driven both. Have a 330 Ci with the sports package now. Buying myself an M3 this month. To me there is nothing that drives better than a BMW.

Any reason your not going for the M5, I drove both the M3 and the M5

I liked the look and feel of the M5 sedan over the M3 coupe
A video showing how BMW uses all cheap rubbish parts on their cars...

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BMW and Audi both have poor reliability (below average on JD Power survey). Mercedes-Benz has VERY good reliability.

Audi - Great looks (best looking of them all), drives like crap. Front wheel drive will never feel as good as rear wheel drive (even with all those computers helping it). Four wheel drive uses too much fuel

BMW - Great to drive, feels very sporty, but bad on rough roads.

Mercedes-Benz - Great to drive (comfort over sporty), good on rough roads, better looking than the BMW and VERY reliable.

Get a Mercedes-Benz C250 CDI ;-)

That survey is bullshit and you seem like a Benz wannabe...


You serious? 16,840? That's definitely very accurate compared with the millions of cars out there...

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I've driven both and they are both excellent - then again my focus is more on looks than how it "drives."
I'm in LA right now, and in some areas every car is either a Mercedes or BMW. Even poor/middle class people will buy an old ass Mercedes/BMW, instead of a new Toyota.

I vote for the Audi, just because it's less played out. And I read some survey a little while ago, and chicks dig guys in Audi's.
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JD power survey 2011.jpg

Look at the picture above. It's a reliability survey from 2011. BMW is ALWAYS below average in every reliability survey. Their cars are not built to last.

Mercedes-Benz throughout history has been better than average for reliability. Mercedes-Benz did have some reliability issues in the early 2000's with their factories in North America and South Africa, but they are back to their excellent standards again.

Am I a Mercedes-Benz fan? Yes! I like good quality products... not over priced rubbish. BMW = Big Money Wasted.

Watch the video below.

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BMW is like a fake Mercedes-Benz. It looks similar, drives similar, but it falls to pieces!

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I just gotta go with the BMW . The 3 series looks sexy as fuck . Benzo all the way .
I would also go for an Audi, and not because of performance but just because of the fact that every single BMW has the same very ugly design, it's horrible. (of course my personal opinion :p) I ordered an Audi A5
What do you prefere guys? To be more exact Bmw 3 Vs Audi A4 (And why you made such a choice).
I crashed three months ago my beemer so i've worked hard to get a new car, now it's time and i'm a lil bit hesitating, i'd love to get the community recommendation ;)

Audi FTW!! man
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