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BMD what to do with banned account

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO Tools' started by Griddler, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Griddler

    Griddler Regular Member

    Jul 16, 2011
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    i´m a newbie in BMD. So i´ve started an experiment to bookmark a moneysite directly.

    I´ve bought BMD and thend firstly i created for all withdelivered (101) bookmarkservieces 1x a account. I´ve spun a little description text then i submittet the mainpage to the services. So now some days ago and today i wanted to start the next BMDsession to a subpage from this moneysite.

    Today the submit quote is terrible. And in the Report tells me often, that password or username incorrrect. I tried to go to some account manually and it seems there that the accounts were deleted.

    I think i´ve analyzed my mistake, because the email adress which i created the accounts was keywordatyhoodotcom. I have a other experiment with a site were i use only some fantasy names like j.blu78atgmaildotcom, and on these site all is best up to now.

    So what could i do now. Should i try to make new accounts on these bookmarkservices and Bookmark the sites again. Or do I can not Bookmark the same site twice? My Idea is to make new accounts with fantasy names and bookmark it again. Or should I go on with bookmarking to other services?

    How many Accounts do you have to make a Bookmark "Campaign". In a other thread a guy wrote he made 10 Account per Bookmark service. So should i do that too? Then i need more Accounts to bookmark my Moneysite and subpages. Do i need for this proxies? At the moment i learn SB knowing (this tools blasts me away im addicted to it :D), but the harvested proxies are fast dead.

    And last i want to ask is, if i can check with SB after a while how many bookmarks are still alive?

    Thank You very much